Inpixon Provides Technology Update on Blockchain, Voice-User Interface, Artificial Intelligence, and Amazon Web Services

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inpixon (Nasdaq: INPX), a leading indoor positioning and data analytics company, today provided a technology update on the announcements made during the first half of 2018 regarding blockchain, voice-user interface (VUI), artificial intelligence (AI), and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In January 2018, Inpixon announced that it would be leveraging blockchain to build a device reputation repository, strengthen Internet of Things (IoT) security, and secure retail payment. As of today, Inpixon has completed its test scenario of blockchain relating to identity verification and device profile management and is evaluating the technology for incorporation into different use cases, with the ultimate plan to utilize the technology for whitelisted device management.

Inpixon previously announced its intent to use enterprise VUI digital assistant technology to help marketers make better, faster decisions. Since then, a prototype has been developed and was presented earlier this year at the 30th Annual ROTH Conference. Inpixon is continuing to develop the technology, handing off analytics to and interfacing with a major VUI platform with natural language processing for queries and text-to-speech for feedback. The company plans to deploy VUI in the near future.

In February 2018, Inpixon announced anticipated enhancements to its Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) engine with AI to strengthen device identity in the evolving, digitized indoors of security and marketing. Since that time, the company has begun combining analytics with AI technology and machine learning to identify device possession patterns and signal variance elimination. Inpixon is leveraging AI technology to increase IPA’s positional accuracy several fold and build visitor profiles.

“When Inpixon IPA Sensors are deployed in structured arrays, they essentially become analogous to omni-present ears,” said Shirish Tangirala, Chief Product Officer of Inpixon. “Depending on the ‘loudness’ of any device, these listening sensors are able to judge distances, and the AI and machine learning algorithms are able to cancel out artificially enhanced or attenuated signals, thereby increasing positional accuracy.”

In February 2018, Inpixon announced that it had selected AWS cloud infrastructure for IPA delivery. With the adoption of AWS, Inpixon’s IPA platform is able to deliver a greater range of high-availability Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, providing both on-premises security monitoring and cloud-hosted intelligence analytics. In addition, with AWS, the IPA platform can offer a solution that is highly resilient, highly available, and infinitely scalable. As a result, Inpixon expects that it will help its IPA engine leverage a centralized development and operations team to be able to provide an unprecedented level of service to its customers while simultaneously lowering operational costs for itself and its customers. The migration process has already begun, and the company anticipates that most cloud customers will be on the AWS platform by the end of Q3 2018.

“Between our research into blockchain, enhancements in VUI and AI, and migration to AWS, we believe our IPA segment is positioned for continued growth throughout 2018,” added Mr. Tangirala. “Our engineering team is hard at work implementing and productizing these new technology enhancements and improving operations for our current cloud customers. Inpixon’s continuous improvement philosophy drives us to consistently evaluate and adopt new technology platforms. These incrementally evolving platforms will help us deliver our products and services to customers with higher availability and security, and less capital and operational costs. We’re also looking forward to launching our newest product — IPA Pod with beta customers — in Q3 2018. We plan to release additional information within the coming weeks.”

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